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Shown below are many of the Lectures, Annual Dinners and Receptions held by The Pakistan Society during the period 1952 – 1962. Please note: this section is incomplete, but we are aiming to add as many events as we can over time.




16 Apr 52

My Four and a half years in the United States

HE Mr M A H Ispahani

19 Nov 52

The Defence of Pakistan

Gen Sir Douglas Gracey

10 Dec 52

Contemporary Affairs in Pakistan

The Hon. Mr Khwaja Nazimuddin

22 Jan 53

A Recent Impression of East Pakistan

Sir Frederick Bourne KCIS, CIE

26 Feb 53

Constitutional Trends in Pakistan

Mr Fareed Jafri

25 Mar 53

Afghanistan in War Time

Sir Giles Squire KBE CIE

22 Apr 53

Education in Pakistan Plan and Purpose

Begum Liaquat Ali Khan

19 May 53

Pakistan – 1900 and 1953

Sir Henry Holland CIE

08 Jun 53

Pakistan and it’s Problems

The Hon. Mr Mohammad Ali

24 Jun 53

Travels in N W Pakistan Spring 1952

Mr Ian Stephens CIE

22 Jul 53

The Message of Islam to the Modern World

Dr S M Abdullah

30 Sept 53

Pakistan and S E Asia

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

21 Oct 53

The Royal Pakistan Navy

Vice Admiral J W Jefford CB CBE

18 Nov 53

The Economic Outlook in Pakistan

Mr Fergus Innes CIE CBE

10 Dec 53

Six Years of Pakistan

Mr Nasim Ahmed

28 Jan 54

A Commonwealth Tour

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Swinton GBE CH

19 Feb 54

Delegation to Burma and Indonesia

Sir Harold Roper CBE MC MP

17 Mar 54

Pakistan ’s Trade

Maj A A Khan

07 Apr 54

Pakistan and Europe

Mr John Biggs-Davison

21 May 54

The Lahore Commonwealth Conference

The Rt. Hon. Hugh Gaitskell CBE MP

14 Jun 54

Globe-Trotting in the Far East

Field Marshall Sir Claude Auchinleck GCB GCIE CSI DSO OBE

08 Jul 54

Clouds of Glory

Sir Geoffrey Betham KBE CIE MC

14 Sept 54

The Origin of Music

Atiya Begum

22 Sept 54

Some Health Problems of India and Pakistan

Lt Gen Sir Bennett Hance KCMG KCIE OBE IMS(R)

06 Oct 54

A Regimental Reunion in Pakistan

Col A L “Boomer” Barrett DSO

26 Oct 54

The Census of Pakistan

Col E H Slade MBE MC MM

18 Nov 54

An Example of Oriental Monarchy

Syed Waris Ameer Ali CIE ICS

07 Dec 54

Pakistan ’s Foreign Policy

Mr Nasim Ahmed

14 Dec 54

The Progress of the Colombo Plan

The Most Hon. The Marquess of Reading CBE MC TD QC

19 Jan 55

A Recent Tour of India and Pakistan

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

08 Feb 55

Facts from a Prime Minister

The Hon. Mr Mohammad Ali

16 Mar 55

Race and Class

Mr Philip Mason CIE OBE

24 Mar 55

The Indian and Pakistan Armies of To-Day

Field Marshall Sir John Harding GCD OBE DSO MC

20 Apr 55

Pakistan ’s Problem To-Day

Begum Ikramullah

17 May 55

The Commonwealth and the Dollar

Mr E A Holloway

08 Jun 55

Pakistan To-Day

The Hon. Mr Shaheed Suhrawardy

28 Jun 55

From Cambridge to Rakaposhi

The Hon. Roger Chorley

15 Sept 55

Economic Development in Pakistan

Mr A D Azhar

11 Oct 55

Population versus Rehabilitation

HE Mr M Ikramullah

26 Oct 55

The Ascent of Kangchenjunga

Capt H R A Streather

08 Nov 55

Progress of Health Schemes in the N W Frontier

Col M K Afridi CBE

24 Nov 55

Commonwealth Tour

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Home PC

13 Dec 55

Service and Adventure on the N W Frontier

Sir Henry Holland CIE FRCSE

19 Jan 56

Spotlight on India , Pakistan and Burma

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

01 Feb 56

The Function and Working of the International Court of Justice

Chaudri Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan KCSI

22 Feb 56

The Ascent of Everest

Mr Wilfrid Noyce

04 Apr 56

Impression of the Gold Coast

Sir Frederick Bourne KCIS, CIE

08 May 56

Pakistan ’s Cottage Industries

Begum Ikramullah

22 Aug 56

Industrial Development in Pakistan

Mr G Faruque

02 Oct 56

Thirty Years of Education in Pakistan

Mr W R Owain-Jones OBE

31 Oct 56

Inside Azad Kashmir and the Northern Territories

Prof I F Rushbrook Williams CBE JP

18 Dec 56

Overland to Singapore through Pakistan and India

Mr Patrick Murphy

24 Jan 57

South Asia Revisited

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

20 Mar 57

The Origin and Place of the Pathans

Sir Olaf Caroe KCSI KCIE

09 Apr 57

After Ten Years

Mr Philip Mason CIE OBE

14 Aug 57

Strategic Problems of the Middle East

Gen Mohammad Ayub Khan C-in-C Army

26 Sept 57

Adventure in the Karakorams

Mr Daud Beg

30 Oct 57

East and West – A Cultural Interpretation

Dr Imdad Husain

28 Nov 57

South Africa ’s Dilemma

Miss Marjorie Juta

18 Dec 57

In the Defence of New Republic and other Films

14 Jan 58

India and Pakistan – The First Decade

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

14 Feb 58

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference at Delhi

Hon. E B Wakefield CIE MP

25 Feb 58

The Expanding Commonwealth

Hon. Patrick Maitland MP

06 Mar 58

The Role of Women in the Life and Literature of Pakistan

Begum Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah

13 May 58

Some Concept of Modern Physics

Professor Abdus Salam

10 Jun 58

The Asian in East Africa

Sir Arthur Kirby KBE CMG

16 Sept 58

Pakistan and the Middle East

Col The Lord Birdwood MVO

14 Oct 58

Pakistan and other Friendly Forces

Maj Gen M Habibullah Khan SP

20 Nov 58

Some Great Afghans and Pathans

Sir Olaf Caroe KCSI KCIE

11 Dec 58

A Brains Trust

Panel: Begum Ikramullah, Sir Henry Holland, Prof Abdus Salam and Mr John Biggs-Davison MP

20 Jan 59

Diplomacy Under Strain in South Asia

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

24 Feb 59

Land Reclamation in West Pakistan

Dr R Maclagan Gorrie DSc FRSE

11 Mar 59

With The Duke of Edinburgh in India and Pakistan

Sir Alexander Fleck KBE FRS

14 May 59

The New Pakistan

Prof L F Rushbrook Williams CBE JP

23 Sept 59

Progress in the Thal


18 Nov 59

Mission Hospital Work on the North West Frontier

Miss Vera Studd

08 Dec 59

The Pattern of Pakistan’s Foreign Trade Since 1947

Mr A W Khan

11 Feb 60

A Cloud on the Horizon

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

10 Mar 60

The Russian Soldier as I saw Him

Brig Sultan Mohammed

06 Apr 60

Basic Democracies

Prof L F Rushbrook Williams CBE JP

28 Apr 60

South East Asia and Aid

The Most Hon. The Marquess of Lansdowne

17 May 60

The Pathans

Sir Olaf Caroe KCSI KCIE

25 Oct 60

The Commonwealth Today

Sir Gilbert Laithwaite GCMG KCB KCIE CSI

08 Nov 60

Islam and Human Relations

Maj Gen Malik Haq Nawaz

07 Dec 60

Pakistan ’s Policy in the Tribal Areas

Dr Arnold Toynbee CH

Dec 60

The Achievements

Sir Harold Shoobert CIE ED SPk

24 Jan 61

Stocktaking in the 14 th Year

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE

08 Feb 61

John Jacob of Jacobabad

Mr H T Lambrick CIE

29 Mar 61

The Significance of the Indus Water Treaty

Prof L F Rushbrook Williams CBE JP

26 May 61

Progress of the Basic Democracies Scheme

Prof L F Rushbrook Williams CBE JP

20 Jun 61

The Royal Tour of Pakistan

HE Lt Gen M Yousuf Khan

31 Jul 61

Fifty Years a Writer

Sir Compton Mackenzie OBE LLD FRSL

24 Oct 61

What does Planning mean to You?

Mr A A Ansari

16 Nov 61

North-West Frontier – Retrospect

Sir George Cunningham GCIE KCSI OBE

21 Nov 61

The Commonwealth Economic Committee

Sir Mohammad Ikramullah HPk KCMG

12 Dec 61

President Ayub Khan’s Visit to the USA

Mr Nasim Ahmed

23 Jan 62

Random Impressions of an East African Tour

Sir Harry Greenfield CSI CIE

14 Feb 62

The Impact on Pakistan on some far-flung Commonwealth Guests

The Hon. Gavin Astor

13 Mar 62

The RAF and PAF Karakoram Expedition, 1961

Gp Capt A J M Smyth OBE DFC RAF (Retd)

25 Mar 62

Justice for Kashmir

Mr John Biggs-Davison MP

29 Mar 62

Kashmir the Facts

Mr Iftikhar Ali, Deputy High Commissioner

18 Jun 62

The New Constitution of Pakistan

Mr U A Ansari

05 Jul 62

Fifteen Years of Pakistan

Sir Percival Griffiths CIE



Guest of Honour



March 1952

Lord Swinton

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


17 June 1953

Lord Swinton

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


23 June 1954

Lord Swinton

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


12 July 1955

Earl of Home

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


05 July 1956

Prime Minister Mr Mohammad Ali

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


24 June 1957

Prime Minister Mr H S Suhrawardy

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


01 July 1958

Gen Lord Ismay

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


30 June 1959

The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Home

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


14 July 1960

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms


15 March 1961

President Ayub Khan

Grosvenor House


22 May 1962

HH The Aga Khan

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms



Guest of Honour



04 Jan 1957

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Overseas League


03 Jan 1958

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Overseas League


07 Jan 1959

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Overseas League


02 Apr 1959

Farewell to HE Mr M Ikramullah

Overseas League


05 Nov 1959

Welcome to HE Lt Gen M Yousuf Khan

Overseas League


08 Jan 1960

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Overseas League


05 May 1960

In Honour of President Ayub Khan

High Commission for Pakistan


23 Nov 1960

Reception for Commonwealth Students

Overseas League


13 Jan 1961

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Overseas League


14 Aug 1961

Independence Day Celebration

Institute of Education


20 Sept 1961

In Honour of Sir Alexander and Lady Symon

Overseas League


27 Oct 1961

In Honour of Corporate Members

High Commission for Pakistan


05 Jan 1962

To celebrate Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday

Over-Seas House

Sponsors & Supporters

The High Commission for Pakistan London