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Options for Membership:

Ordinary Annual Membership: £40.00 for UK residents. This is valid for one year (365 days) from the day your subscription is paid.

Associate Annual Membership: £20.00 for full-time students, people who live more than 50 miles away from London and also overseas residents. This is valid for one year (365 days) from the day your subscription is paid.

Life Membership: £250.00 for UK and overseas residents. This is a one-off payment.

Corporate Annual Membership: £250.00 for UK and overseas Corporation, Company or Institution. This is valid for one year (365 days) from the day your subscription is paid.

For further information on any of our options, please contact us via:

Joining The Pakistan Society is a two-stage process:

First Stage – Application

    1. Please read these instructions in full to assist you through your application to join “The Pakistan Society”.
    2. Once you have read these instructions fully please go to the “Members Area” page and select “Browse Subscriptions >”. If you are applying for a Corporate Membership please see the Note below.
    3. On the “Subscriptions” Choose which type of subscription you want and then select “Add to basket >”.
    4. Check that the subscription is correct and then select “Checkout >”.
    5. On the “Sign up” Add your details and create and confirm a strong password (a minimum of 8 characters, containing at least one capital letter, one number and you can also use special characters) for your membership account. Don’t forget to make a note of your password. Then select the “Save >” button.
    6. You will then be taken through four screens asking you to complete your details. Follow the instructions to continue and please ensure you complete all of the information on the screens.
    7. Finally on the “Application Confirmation” select “Confirm application >”. This will send your application to the Society. No payment is taken at this stage.
    8. You will then see the “Checkout > Application submitted” A new provisional account has been set up for you by, who provide our membership software. You will also receive a confirmation email that your application to join The Pakistan Society has been submitted.

Note: Corporate Membership – If you are applying for membership for a Corporation, Company or Institution please fill out the application as the designated representative using the corporate address details in the “Address” section and then add the corporate name and nature of business in the “Additional Details” membership form.

Second Stage – Approval and Payment

Your application will be checked and, if approved, your account will be activated and you will receive an “Application Accepted” email.

You will also receive a “Welcome email” which will give you instructions on how to complete your membership and make your payment.


If any Members would like to make a donation to The Pakistan Society, we would be extremely grateful. However, as donations must be kept separate from subscriptions, we would be glad if you would send your donation in the form of a cheque (payable to The Pakistan Society), posted to: Secretary, The Pakistan Society, 8 Harriet Walk, London SW1X 9JH

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